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Core Features

  • High-Quality Memes

    Only the spiciest memes are welcome. All memes are user-submitted and will go through strict moderation before being approved. Keep in mind that even though there is a very strict quality-control, you will always find a meme that you wont like. Just keep scrolling and don't complain about why it got approved. There's no such thing as a "too soon" or "too offensive" meme. If you start complaining, you will get you warned, restricted or banned.

  • 24/7 Moderation

    A highly motivated team of moderators and admins make all the magic happen. Most extreme memes are welcome here, but keep in mind that this app is not bestgore. Keep it subtle and fun. Very graphic content will be covered with a warning which users can permanently enable/disable for themselves in their account settings.

  • Immune To Zuccs

    This app is just 100% disconnected from social media. That makes the app 100% immune to bans, zuccs and censorship. All changes and updates are being handled directly on a remote server, so you'll barely ever have to update the app itself. Don't worry if the app is offline. Worst case scenario is that the app is 2-5 hours down to move the entire project to another server.

About the DMC

On the third day of September 2017 we lost our beloved Facebook group known as the “Dank Memes Gang”. The loss of our group left over 500.000 members without a meme platform. It wasn’t only the DMG that got removed. From 2017 till now, more and more social media pages are getting banned for reasons such as posting offensive content, hate-speech and promoting violence.

The Dank Memes Clan, also known as the DMC, is a dank meme entertainment network and was founded on 17 September 2017. DMC is against hate, racism and violence, but there is a great difference between spreading hate and posting a meme. Memes are harmless, because they are satire. The problem is that a lot of people are getting more and more offended by literally anything they see online. Our main goal is to achieve less online censorship. Social media pages that have words such as “memes, humor and jokes” in their username, should not be taken seriously and should have less strict moderation on their content. We would rather like social media moderators to remove sensitive content, than to penalize users with post-blocks, shadow bans and complete removal of their accounts.


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